Zhuque: Failure is Not an Option, it’s an Exception


George Hodgkins, University of Colorado, Boulder; Yi Xu and Steven Swanson, University of California, San Diego; Joseph Izraelevitz, University of Colorado, Boulder


Persistent memory (PMEM) allows direct access to fast storage at byte granularity. Previously, processor caches backed by persistent memory were not persistent, complicating the design of persistent applications and reducing their performance. A new generation of systems with flush-on-fail semantics effectively offer persistent caches, offering the potential for much simpler, faster PMEM programming models. This work proposes Whole Process Persistence (WPP), a new programming model for systems with persistent caches. In the WPP model, all process state is made persistent. On restart after power failure, this state is reloaded and execution resumes in an application-defined interrupt handler. We also describe the Zhuque runtime, which transparently provides WPP by interposing on the C bindings for system calls in userspace. It requires little or no programmer effort to run applications on Zhuque. Our measurements show that Zhuque outperforms state of the art PMEM libraries, demonstrating mean speedups across all benchmarks of 5.24× over PMDK, 3.01× over Mnemosyne, 5.43× over Atlas, and 4.11× over Clobber-NVM. More important, unlike existing systems, Zhuque places no restrictions on how applications implement concurrency, allowing us to run a newer version of Memcached on Zhuque and gain more than 7.5× throughput over the fastest existing persistent implementations.

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