Fighting the Fog of War: Automated Incident Detection for Cloud Systems


Liqun Li and Xu Zhang, Microsoft Research; Xin Zhao, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Hongyu Zhang, The University of Newcastle; Yu Kang, Pu Zhao, Bo Qiao, and Shilin He, Microsoft Research; Pochian Lee, Jeffrey Sun, Feng Gao, and Li Yang, Microsoft Azure; Qingwei Lin, Microsoft Research; Saravanakumar Rajmohan, Microsoft 365; Zhangwei Xu, Microsoft Azure; Dongmei Zhang, Microsoft Research


Incidents and outages dramatically degrade the availability of large-scale cloud computing systems such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. In current incident response practice, each team has only a partial view of the entire system, which makes the detection of incidents like fighting in the "fog of war". As a result, prolonged mitigation time and more finance loss are incurred. In this work, we propose an automatic incident detection system, namely Warden, as a part of the Incident Management (IcM) platform. Warden collects alerts from different services and detects the occurrence of incidents from a global perspective. For each detected potential incident, Warden notifies relevant on-call engineers so that they could properly prioritize their tasks and initiate cross-team collaboration. We implemented and deployed Warden in the IcM platform of Azure. Our evaluation results based on data collected in an 18-month period from 26 major services show that Warden is effective and outperforms the baseline methods. For the majority of successfully detected incidents (∼68%), Warden is faster than human, and this is particularly the case for the incidents that take long time to detect manually.

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