NeuOS: A Latency-Predictable Multi-Dimensional Optimization Framework for DNN-driven Autonomous Systems


Soroush Bateni and Cong Liu, University of Texas at Dallas


Deep neural networks (DNNs) used in computed vision have become widespread techniques commonly used in autonomous embedded systems for applications such as image/object recognition and tracking. The stringent space, weight, and power constraints seen in such systems impose a major impediment for practical and safe implementation of DNNs, because they have to be latency predictable while ensuring minimum energy consumption and maximum accuracy. Unfortunately, exploring this optimization space is very challenging because (1) smart coordination has to be performed among system- and application-level solutions, (2) layer characteristics should be taken into account, and more importantly, (3) when multiple DNNs exist, a consensus on system configurations should be calculated, which is a problem that is an order of magnitude harder than any previously considered scenario. In this paper, we present NeuOS, a comprehensive latency predictable system solution for running multi-DNN workloads in autonomous systems. NeuOS can guarantee latency predictability, while managing energy optimization and dynamic accuracy adjustment based on specific system constraints via smart coordinated system- and application-level decision-making among multiple DNN instances. We implement and extensively evaluate NeuOS on two state-of-the-art autonomous system platforms for a set of popular DNN models. Experiments show that NeuOS rarely misses deadlines, and can improve energy and accuracy considerably compared to state of the art.

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