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USENIX 1996 Annual Technical Conference

January 22-26, 1996
San Diego, CA

Sponsored by the USENIX Association.

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Wednesday, January 24

Keynote Address: Nature and Nurture: The Interplay of UNIX and Networking
Van Jacobson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Chair: John Ousterhout, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Scalability in the XFS File System
Adam Sweeney, Silicon Graphics

A Comparison of FFS Disk Allocation Policies
Keith A. Smith and Margo Seltzer, Harvard University

AFRAID--A Frequently Redundant Array of Independent Disks
Stefan Savage, University of Washington;
John Wilkes, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Invited Talk: Linux: Architecture, Experiences, and Future
Linus Torvalds, University of Helsinki


Chair: Darrell Long, University of California, Santa Cruz
A Comparison of OS Extension Technologies
Christopher Small and Margo Seltzer, Harvard University

An Extensible Protocol Architecture for Application-Specific Networking
Marc E. Fiuczynski and Brian N. Bershad, University of Washington

Linux Device Driver Emulation in Mach
Shantanu Goel and Dan Duchamp, Columbia University

Invited Talk Panel Discussion: Opinions on Recent Legal Decisions
Moderator: Ed Gould, Digital Equipment Corporation
Panelists: Dan Appelman, Partner, Heller, Ehrman, White, and McAuliffe; Mitch Dembin, Assistant U.S. Attorney--Chief, Financial Fraud Section; Mike Godwin, Staff Counsel, Electronic Frontier Foundation


Chair: Brent Welch, Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Calliope: A Distributed, Scalable Multimedia Server
Andrew Heybey, Mark Sullivan, and Paul England, Bellcore

Simple Continuous Media Storage Server on Real-Time Mach
Hiroshi Tezuka and Tatsuo Nakajima, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Invited Talk: Cryptography in the 21st Century
Bruce Schneier, Counterpane Systems

Thursday, January 25


Chair: John Kohl, Atria Software
Eliminating Receive Livelock in an Interrupt-driven Kernel
Jeffrey Mogul, Digital Equipment Corp., Western Research Laboratory; K. K. Ramakrishnan, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Implementation of IPv6 in 4.4 BSD
Randall Atkinson, Daniel McDonald, and Bao Phan, Naval Research Laboratory; Craig Metz, Kaman Sciences Corporation; Kenneth Chin, Naval Research Laboratory

Supporting Mobility in MosquitoNet
Mary Baker, Xinhua Zhao, Stuart Cheshire, and Jonathan Stone, Stanford University

Invited Talk: Why Threads Are A Bad Idea (for most purposes)
John Ousterhout, Sun Microsystems Laboratories


Chair: Christopher Small, Harvard University
World Wide Web Cache Consistency
James Gwertzman and Margo Seltzer, Harvard University

A Hierarchical Internet Object Cache
Anawat Chankhunthod, Peter Danzig, and Chuck Neerdaels, University of Southern California; Michael F. Schwartz and Kurt J. Worrell, University of Colorado, Boulder

Tracking and Viewing Changes on the Web
Fred Douglis and Thomas Ball, AT&T Bell Laboratories

Invited Talk Track: Vmalloc: The Search Ends?
Kiem-Phong Vo, AT&T Bell Laboratories


Invited Talk Track: Forming a More Perfect Net Governance
Carey Eugene Heckman, Adjunct Professor of Law, Stanford Law School and Co-Director, Stanford Law and Technology Policy Center


Chair: David Black, Open Software Foundation Research Institute
Implementation of a Reliable Remote Memory Pager
Evangelos P. Markatos and George Dramitinos, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, Crete

Solaris MC: A Multi Computer OS
Yousef A. Khalidi, Jose M. Bernabeu, Vlada Matena, Ken Shirriff, and Moti Thadani, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

A New Approach to Distributed Memory Management in the Mach Microkernel
Stephan Zeisset, Stefan Tritscher, and Martin Mairandres, Intel GmbH

Fault Tolerance in a Distributed CHORUS/MiX System
Sunil Kittur, Online Media; Francois Armand, Chorus Systemes; Douglas Steel, ICL High Performance Systems; Jim Lipkis, Chorus Systemes

Invited Talk Panel Discussion: Selling Stuff that's Free: the Commercial Side of Free Software
Moderator: Mary Baker, Stanford University
Panelists: Bob Bruce, Walnut Creek CD-ROM; William H. Davidow, Mohr, Davidow Ventures; Michael Tiemann, Cygnus Support; Linus Torvalds, University of Helsinki

Friday, January 26


Chair: Jonathan Smith, University of Pennsylvania
FLIPC: A Low Latency Messaging System for Distributed Real Time Environments
David L. Black, Randall D. Smith, Steven J. Sears, and Randall W. Dean, Open Software Foundation Research Insititute

An Analysis of Process and Memory Models to Support High-Speed Networking in a UNIX Environment
B. Murphy, University of Cambridge; S. Zeadally and C. J. Adams, University of Buckingham

Zero-Copy TCP in Solaris
H. K. Jerry Chu, SunSoft, Inc.

Invited Talk: Highlights from 1995 USENIX Conferences


Chair: Miche Baker-Harvey, Digital Equipment Corporation
A Performance Comparison of UNIX Operating Systems on the Pentium
Kevin Lai and Mary Baker, Stanford University

lmbench: Portable Tools for Performance Analysis
Larry McVoy, Silicon Graphics; Carl Staelin, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

Process Labeled Kernel Profiling: A New Facility to Profile System Activities
Shingo Nishioka, Atsuo Kawaguchi, and Hiroshi Motoda, Hitachi Advanced Research Laboratory

Invited Talk Track: CitySpace: Come Build It Yourself--A User-Extensible Virtual Environment for Real-time Play
Coco Conn and Zane Vella, Digital Circus Productions


Chair: Matt Blaze, AT&T Bell Laboratories
Cut-and-Paste File-Systems: Integrating Simulators and File-Systems
Peter Bosch and Sape J. Mullender, Universiteit Twente

Predicting Future File-System Actions From Prior Events
Tom M. Kroeger and Darrell D. E. Long, University of California, Santa Cruz

Transparent Fault Tolerance for Parallel Applications on Networks of Workstations
Daniel J. Scales, Digital Equipment Corporation Western Research Laboratory; Monica S. Lam, Stanford University

Why Use a Fishing Line When you Have a Net? An Adaptive Multicast Data Distribution Protocol
Steve Kotsopoulos and Jeremy Cooperstock, University of Toronto

Invited Talk Panel Discussion: Technical Executive Summary: 90 Minutes, 8 Talks, No Regrets
Moderator: Keith Bostic, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.

Joint Closing Session