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Linux Device Driver Emulation in Mach

Shantanu Goel and Dan Duchamp
Computer Science Department
Columbia University


We describe the design and performance of code added to the Mach microkernel (Mach 4.0, version UK02p21) that permits one to build a Mach kernel that includes unmodified Linux device drivers. We have written emulation code to support all Linux 1.3.35 network and SCSI drivers for the ISA and PCI I/O buses. Emulation increases latency, but very little. The degree depends on both device and operation, and varies from 2 microseconds for receiving small (60 byte) network packets up to 197 microseconds for writing 16KB to an ISA SCSI device.

Download the full text of this paper in ASCII (38,212 bytes) and POSTSCRIPT (203,996 bytes) form.

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