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USENIX Technical Program - LISA 98

12th Systems Administration Conference
(LISA '98)
December 6-11, 1998
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Wednesday, December 9, 1998


Dan Farmer, Earthlink Network; Brad Powell, Sun Microsystems, Inc.; Matthew Archibald, KLA-Tencor

Infrastructure: A Prerequisite for Effective Security
Bill Fithen, Steve Kalinowski, Jeff Carpenter, and Jed Pickel, CERT Coordination Center

SSU: Extending SSH for Secure Root Administration
Christopher Thorpe, Yahoo!, Inc.

Pushing Users and Scripts Around

System Management With NetScript
Apratim Purakayastha and Ajay Mohindra, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Accountworks: Users Create Accounts on SQL, Notes, NT, and UNIX
Bob Arnold, Sybase, Inc.

Single Sign-On and the System Administrator
Michael Fleming Grubb and Rob Carter, Duke University

Storage Performance

Using Gigabit Ethernet to Backup Six Terabytes
W. Curtis Preston, Collective Technologies

Configuring Database Systems
Christopher R. Page, Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Distributed Computing

A Configuration Distribution System for Heterogeneous Networks
Glêdson Elias da Silveira, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte; Fabio Q. B. da Silva, Federal University of Pernambuco

An NFS Configuration Management System and its Underlying Object-Oriented Model
Fabio Q. B. da Silva, Juliana Silva da Cunha, Danielle M. Franklin, Luciana S. Varejão, and Rosalie Belian, Federal University of Pernambuco

Design and Implementation of an Administration System for Distributed Web Server
C. S. Yang and M. Y. Luo, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan, R.O.C.


MRTG - The Multi Router Traffic Grapher
Tobias Oetiker, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Wide Area Network Ecology
Jon T. Meek, Edwin S. Eichert, Kim Takayama, Cyanamid Agricultural Research Center/American Home Products Corporation

Automatically Selecting a Close Mirror Based on Network Topology
Giray Pultar,


What to Do When the Lease Expires: A Moving Experience
Lloyd Cha, Chris Motta, Syed Babar, and Mukul Agarwal, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Jack Ma and Waseem Shaikh, Taos Mountain, Inc.; Istvan Marko, Volt Services Group

Anatomy of an Athena Workstation
Thomas Bushnell, BSG; Karl Ramm, MIT Information Systems

Bootstrapping an Infrastructure
Steve Traugott, Sterling Software and NASA Ames Research Center; Joel Huddleston, Level 3 Communications

Printing and Configuring Files

Ganymede: An Extensible and Customizable Directory Management Framework
Jonathan Abbey and Michael Mulvaney, The University of Texas at Austin

Building An Enterprise Printing System
Ben Woodard, Cisco Systems

Large Scale Print Spool Service
Ignacio Reguero, David Foster, and Ivan Deloose, CERN

Friday, December 11, 1998

Distributing Software Packages

mkpkg: A software packaging tool
Carl Staelin, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

SEPP - Software Installation and Sharing System
Tobia Oetiker, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich

Synctree for Single Point Installation, Upgrades, and OS Patches
John Lockard, University of Michigan; Jason Larke, ANS Communications, Inc.

New Thoughts and Evolution

The Evolution of the CMD Computing Environment: A Case Study in Rapid Growth
Lloyd Cha, Chris Motta, Syed Babar, and Mukul Agarwa, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.; Jack Ma and Waseem Shaikh, Taos Mountain, Inc.; Istvan Marko, Volt Services Group

Computer Immunology
Mark Burgess, Oslo College

A Visual Approach for Monitoring Logs
Luc Girardin and Dominique Brodbeck, UBS, Ubilab

Mailing Lists

Mailman: The GNU Mailing List Manager
John Viega, Reliable Software Technologies; Barry Warsaw and Ken Manheimer, Corporation for National Research Initiatives

Drinking from the Fire(walls) Hose: Another Approach to Very Large Mailing Lists
Strata Rose Chalup, Christine Hogan, Greg Kulosa, Bryan McDonald, and Bryan Stansell, Global Networking and Computing, Inc.

Request v3: A Modular, Extensible Task Tracking Tool
Joe Rhett, Navigist

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