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Each year, the best and the brightest in the Linux world come together at one technical conference, the Annual Linux Showcase & Conference. Now in its fifth year, ALS continues its remarkable development as the premier technical Linux conference, attracting expert talks on everything from kernel internals to Internet services, panels discussing the state of the Kernel, invited talks presenting Linux in the real world, and more. If you are a professional working with Linux or an enthusiast looking for the new technology, ALS needs to be the top event on your calendar.

The 5th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference breaks with tradition by moving out of Atlanta. The growth of Linux and of this conference is only highlighted in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the pulse of technology beats loud and clear. The combination of technical tracks, invited talks, expert panels, Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, tutorials, workshops, and the infamous hallway track provide plenty of opportunity to learn from Linux experts, professionals with real world experience, and industry leaders. This conference also sponsors a large three day vendor exhibition showcasing over 90 top Linux companies and their products and services.

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