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The initial submission must be in the form of an extended abstract between 2 and 5 pages long. Submissions should be written from a strong technical background and should clearly demonstrate that:

  • There is a significant problem being solved
  • There is active work being done
  • There is enough progress to make a documented report
  • There is data proving either the success or failure of the model

Extended abstracts must be received by June 5, 2001. Full papers will not be accepted without an extended abstract. Abstracts and papers should be submitted electronically in ASCII, Postscript, or PDF format via either this Web form OR email to the program chair at

Include appropriate references to establish that you are familiar with related work, and where possible, provide detailed data to establish that you have a working implementation or measurement tool. Submissions will be judged on the quality of the written submission, and whether or not the work advances the state-of-the-art of Linux. Papers of a business development or marketing nature are not appropriate for submittal.

Papers submitted to ALS should be new papers, not previously read at other conferences. Likewise, accepted papers shouldn't be presented at other conferences after ALS without new art. All papers should be considered 'open source' and as such non-disclosure agreements and other limits will be dismissed or the papers returned.

Authors will be notified by July 23, 2001. All accepted submissions will be expected to produce a final paper for the proceedings by the September 14, 2001 deadline. These papers need not be polished, but they should describe work that has been completed as of the time of their submission. The purpose of your paper is to let readers and attendees know what you are doing. Members of the program committee are available to help shepherd authors through the writing process prior to final acceptance for publication in the proceedings.

Each accepted paper must be presented by at least one author. Authors must provide a final paper for publication in the conference proceedings and electronic files for the conference CD-ROM and web site. Final papers are limited to 12 pages, including diagrams, figures, and appendices. It is understood that the state of the art advances at a rapid pace. Presentations should, where possible, take into account changes since the publications due date.

Please see the detailed author guidelines on the website, including sample extended abstracts and final papers. To discuss potential submissions and for inquiries regarding the content of the conference program, contact the program chair at:

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