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USENIX '99 Annual Technical Conference
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James Mauro (T1 Instructor)   is a Area Technologist in the Northeast United States for Sun Microsystems, Inc., focusing on high-end parallel systems, clusters and high availability configurations running Solaris. Jim works extensively with Solaris, supporting application development, performance tuning, capacity planning and general systems behaviour analysis. Jim has 20 years industry experience working with UNIX systems of various flavors and in different roles. Jim currently authors a monthly column on Solaris internals called "Inside Solaris", published in SunWorld magazine. James is currently coauthoring the Sun Microsystems book, Solaris Architecture, which details Solaris architecture, implementation, tools and techniques.
Ned McClain (M8 Instructor)   has done network engineering and system administration for XOR Network Engineering for the past few summers. He is currently helping with the 3rd edition of the UNIX System Administration Handbook authored by Evi Nemeth, Garth Snyder, and Trent Hein. He has done research with both the Computer Science and Engineering Physics departments at Cornell.
Richard McDougall (T1 Instructor)   is an established engineer in the Enterprise Engineering group at Sun Microsystems where he focuses on large systems performance and architecture. He has over twelve years of performance tuning, application/kernel development and capacity planning experience on many different flavours of UNIX. Richard has authored a wide range of papers and tools for measurement, monitoring, tracing and sizing of UNIX systems including the memory sizing methodology for Sun, the set of tools known as "MemTool" to allow finegrained instrumentation of memory for Solaris, the recent "Priority Paging" memory algorithms in Solaris and many of the unbundled tools for Solaris. Richard is currently coauthoring the Sun Microsystems book, Solaris Architecture, book which details Solaris architecture, implementation, tools and techniques.
Evi Nemeth (M8 Instructor),   a faculty member in computer science at the University of Colorado, and has managed UNIX systems for the past 20 years, both from the front lines and from the ivory tower. She is co-author of the UNIX System Administration Handbook. Evi is currently serving on the LISA `99 Program Committee.
Marcus J. Ranum (S7, M7 Instructor)   is CEO and founder of Network Flight Recorder, Inc. He is the principal author of several major Internet firewall products, including the DEC SEAL, the TIS Gauntlet, and the TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit. Marcus has been managing UNIX systems and network security for over 13 years, including configuring and managing Marcus is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker on computer security topics.


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