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USENIX '99 Annual Technical Conference
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Jon Rochlis (S5, T8 Instructor)   is a senior consultant for SystemExperts, where he provides high level advice to businesses on network security, distributed systems design and management, high-availability, and electronic commerce. Before joining SystemExperts, Jon was engineering manager with BBN Planet, a major national Internet Service Provider.
John Salmon (T3 Instructor)   is a senior scientist at Caltech's Center for Advanced Computing Research, and is well known for his expertise in designing and implementing efficient spatial algorithms. John Salmon, along with Mike Warren of Los Alamos National Laboratory, won the Gordon Bell Prize in 1997 for best performance and price/performance for their octtree-based N-body simulation that ran on a Beowulf-class computer.
Daniel Savarese (T3 Instructor)   is a senior scientist at Caltech's Center for Advanced Computing Research and has been involved with building and evaluating the first Beowulf systems at Goddard Space Flight Center. Outside of his Beowulf work, Daniel is known as a regular columnist for Java Pro Magazine.
Marc Staveley (M5 Instructor)   has 16 years of experience in UNIX application development and administration. His current projects include working with SunSoft Engineering on enhancing the RAS characteristics of the Solaris kernel. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of standards-based development, multi-threaded programming, system administration, and system tuning.
W. Richard Stevens (M4, T4 Instructor)   is the author of UNIX Network Programming, Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols, and coauthor with Gary R. Wright of TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 2.
Stephen C. Tweedie (M1 Instructor)   works in Scotland for Red Hat Software as a full-time Linux kernel developer. Previously he worked on VMS filesystem internals for Digital's Operating Systems Software Group. He has been contributing to Linux for a number of years, in particular designing some of the high-performance algorithms central to the ext2fs filesystem and the virtual memory code.
Victor Yodaiken (T3 Instructor)   came up with the idea of RTLinux and has been working in and teaching operating systems for 20 years. He is an associate professor of computer science at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and also does consulting on real-time and embedded operating systems and applications.


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