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USENIX '99 Annual Technical Conference
Table of Contents
Monday, June 7, 1999
Full Day Tutorial Session (9:00 am - 5:00 pm):
M7   Intrusion Detection and Network Forensics (NEW)
Marcus J. Ranum, Network Flight Recorder, Inc.

Who should attend: Network and system managers, security managers, and auditors. This tutorial will assume some knowledge of TCP/IP networking and client/server computing.

What can intrusion detection do for you? Intrusion detection systems are designed to alert network managers to the presence of unusual or possibly hostile events within the network. Once you've found traces of a hacker, what should you do? What kind of tools can you deploy to determine what happened, how they got in, and how to keep them out? This tutorial provides a highly technical overview of the state of intrusion detection software and the types of products that are available, as well as the basic principles to apply for building your own intrusion detection alarms. Methods of recording events during an intrusion are also covered.

Course outline:

-   What is IDS?
* Principles
* Prior art
-   Can IDS Help?
* What IDS can and can't do for you
* IDS and the WWW
* IDS and firewalls
* IDS and VPNs
-   Types and Trends in IDS Design
* Anomaly detection
* Misuse detection
* Traps
* Future avenues of research
-   Concepts for Building Your IDS
* What you need to know first
* Performance issues
-   Tools for Building Your IDS
* Sniffers and suckers
* Host logging tools
* Log recorders
-   Reporting and Recording
* Managing alerts
* What to throw away
* What to keep
-   Network Forensics
* So you've been hacked
* Forensic tools
* Brief overview of evidence handling
* Who can help you
-   Resources and References

Marcus J. Ranum (S7, M7 Instructor)   is CEO and founder of Network Flight Recorder, Inc. He is the principal author of several major Internet firewall products, including the DEC SEAL, the TIS Gauntlet, and the TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit. Marcus has been managing UNIX systems and network security for over 13 years, including configuring and managing Marcus is a frequent lecturer and conference speaker on computer security topics.

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