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USENIX 2004 Annual Technical Conference, FREENIX Track — Abstract

Pp. 81–91 of the Proceedings

Modular Construction of DTE Policies

Serge E. Hallyn, IBM Linux Technology Center, and Phil Kearns, College of William and Mary


This paper describes a tool which composes a policy for a fine-grained mandatory access control system (DTE) from a set of mostly independent policy modules. For a large system with many services, a DTE policy becomes unwieldy. However, many system services and security extensions can be considered to be largely standalone. By providing for explicit grouping, namespaces, and globbing by namespaces, inter-module access rules can be made generic enough to permit modules to be mixed and matched as needed. As a result, it becomes easier to extend a policy, debug a policy, and to distribute meaningful policy modules with new software.
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