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Announcement and Call for Papers and Submissions 13TH SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE (LISA '99) - Nov 7-12, 1999 - Seattle Conference Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

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LISA '99 Conference Overview

Important Dates

Tutorials, Workshops, Refereed Papers, Invited Talks, Practicum, WIPs, and BOFs

Conference Topics

Conference Organizers

How and Where to Submit a Paper to the Refereed Track

LISA '99 Exhibition



Program Chair:
David Parter, University of Wisconsin

Program Committee:
Eric Anderson, University of California, Berkeley
Strata Rose Chalup, VirtualNet Consulting
Xev Gittler, Goldman, Sachs & Co.
Trent Hein, XOR Network Engineering, Inc.
Doug Kingston, Deutsche Bank
Tom Limoncelli, Lucent Technologies / Bell Labs
Bryan McDonald, Global Networking And Computing
Adam Moskowitz, LION bioscience Research, Inc.
Evi Nemeth, University of Colorado
Cat Okita, Earthworks
Josh Simon, Collective Technologies
Jeffrey A. Uphoff, Transmeta Corporation

Invited Talks Coordinators:
Phil Scarr, Global Networking and Computing

You may email the Invited Talks Coordinators at:

Practicum Chair:
Pat Wilson, Dartmouth College,

The Guru Is In Coordinator:
Lee Damon, Qualcomm Incorporated,

Conference Advisor:
Rob Kolstad, SANS Institute

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