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Announcement and Call for Papers and Submissions 13TH SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE (LISA '99) - Nov 7-12, 1999 - Seattle Conference Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

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LISA '99 Conference Overview

Important Dates

Tutorials, Workshops, Refereed Papers, Invited Talks, Practicum, WIPs, and BOFs

Conference Topics

Conference Organizers

How and Where to Submit a Paper to the Refereed Track

LISA '99 Exhibition



Tutorial Program
November 7-9, 1999

Gain mastery of complex techniques and technologies and you'll get immediate payoff within your organization. You can choose from up to 40 full- and half-day classes over three days. Whether you are a novice or senior systems administrator, you will be able to find a tutorial to meet your needs. Tutorials cover important topics such as: performance tuning, administering Windows NT, Perl, TCP/IP troubleshooting, security, networking, network services, sendmail, Samba, legal issues, and professional development.

Submitting A Tutorial Program Proposal

To provide the best possible tutorial offerings, USENIX continually solicits proposals for new tutorials. If you are interested in presenting a tutorial at this or other USENIX conferences, please contact the tutorial coordinator:

Daniel V. Klein
Tel: 1.412.422.0285
Fax: 1.412.421.2332


For the past several years, the LISA conference has included a limited-attendance "Advanced Topics Workshop". For LISA '98, a second workshop was added, on "Global LISA" issues.

Up to three limited-attendance, special-topic workshops will be offered alongside the Tutorial Program at LISA '99. If you are interested in organizing a LISA '99 workshop, please submit a workshop proposal.

The proposal should address the following questions/issues:

  1. workshop organizers
  2. topic/goals
  3. format
  4. projected attendance (we have one room, with a capacity of up to 60 people in a "classroom" configuration, a smaller number in a "roundtable" configuration )
  5. target audience
  6. how you will recruit participants
  7. special needs, if any
  8. anything else we should know

Please submit proposals via email to no later than May 1, 1999.

Technical Sessions
November 10-12, 1999

Three days of technical sessions feature parallel tracks of refereed papers, invited talks, the Practicum track, and "The Guru is In" sessions for individual consultation with experts on specific topics. Refereed papers are published in the Proceedings (provided free to Technical Sessions attendees). Invited Talk and Practicum track materials are made available online.

Submitting A Refereed Paper

The refereed papers will provide the latest on cutting-edge technologies. Refereed papers might be academic in nature, designed to advance the field of systems administration, or they may report practical solutions to specific problems. Papers that analyze problem areas and draw important conclusions from practical experience are especially welcome. Please see How and Where to Submit a Paper to the Refereed Track for more information.

Cash Prizes

Cash prizes will be awarded at the conference for the best paper and for the best paper by a student. Prizes are for papers accepted to the refereed paper track.

Submitting An Invited Talk Track Proposal

If you have a topic of interest to systems administrators that is suitable for an invited talk, please submit a proposal to the Invited Talk coordinators. Please email your proposal to

Invited Talks Proposals due: May 25, 1999
Final copy due: September 19, 1999

Submitting A Practicum Track Proposal

The Practicum track includes a variety of presentation types and focuses on discussion of practical solutions to System Administration issues. If you have a topic that fits the Practicum track, please email a proposal to

Work-In-Progress Reports

Do you have interesting work you would like to share, or a cool idea that is not yet ready to be published? The USENIX audience provides valuable discussion and feedback. We are particularly interested in presentation of student work. To schedule your short report, send email to

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

Birds-of-a-Feather sessions (BoFs) are very informal gatherings organized by attendees interested in a particular topic. BoFs are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. BoFs may be scheduled in advance by phoning the Conference Office at 1.949.588.8649 or via email to BoFs may also be scheduled at the conference.

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