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Announcement and Call for Papers and Submissions 13TH SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION CONFERENCE (LISA '99) - Nov 7-12, 1999 - Seattle Conference Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

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LISA '99 Conference Overview

Important Dates

Tutorials, Workshops, Refereed Papers, Invited Talks, Practicum, WIPs, and BOFs

Conference Topics

Conference Organizers

How and Where to Submit a Paper to the Refereed Track

LISA '99 Exhibition



The Program Committee invites you to join the contributors to the LISA XIII conference. Submissions of refereed papers or other presentations which address any and all aspects of System Administration are acceptable. Here is a partial list of timely paper topics for potential authors:

Technology, Tools, and Techniques:

  • Innovative system administration tools and techniques
  • Tips and tricks: new uses for old tools
  • Distributed or automated system administration
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Scaling support of "open source" systems for servers and desktops
  • Designing, selecting, scaling, integrating and managing "enterprise" computing services.
  • Security (all aspects)
  • Authentication systems
  • Applications of tools, techniques and methods from other disciplines
  • Integration of new networking technologies, protocols and applications
  • Integration of emerging technologies
  • Performance analysis and monitoring

Theory and Practice of System Administration

  • Methodology, Paradigms and Models for system administration
  • Analysis of "best practices" in systems administration
  • Analysis and comparison of alternative systems for systems administration tasks
  • Case studies
  • Application of scientific methods to systems administration
  • Metrics for Systems Administration

The "Soft Science" of System Administration

  • System administration management issues
  • Support strategies
  • Effective hiring techniques
  • Effective training techniques for system administration
  • Budgeting, cost analyses and project planning/management techniques for systems administration
  • The System Administrator's role in the organization

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