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All sessions taking place in the San Jose Marriott are denoted by the Marriott logo icon throughout the LISA '10 Web site. All other session locations are in the San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

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Join Your Peers for Three Days of Focused Discussion

Senior system administrators will want to participate in one or more of these full- and half-day workshops. Attendance is limited for each workshop, which ensures a seminar-like atmosphere.

To attend a workshop, you must be an accepted workshop participant. See each workshop's description to find out what you need to do to join that workshop.

Each half-day workshop costs $90 and each full-day workshop costs $180. Once you have been accepted into a workshop, you may register for it online. Please make sure you do not select another session whose timing conflicts with that of your workshop.

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Workshops Schedule

Government and Military System Administration  |   Real-World Configuration Management

Teaching System Administration  |   Security  |  Knowledge Management

Advanced Topics

Sunday, November 7

Andrew Seely, Science Applications International Corporation

Are you responsible for computing systems owned by government or military agencies? Do you work in secure environments, deal wih classified data, deploy to military hotspots? If so, whether you are a sysadmin, contractor, government civilian, vendor or supplier, uniformed member, or someone with a hands-on support role in the government sector, this workshop is for you.

The general focus will be on system administration of U.S. government and military systems, but interested non-U.S. personnel are welcome to attend. Specific goals and topics will be solicited in advance from registered attendees in order to ensure a relevant and useful workshop. All discussions will be strictly unclassified.

To attend the workshop, please send email to

Cory Lueninghoener, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Narayan Desai, Argonne National Laboratory

This workshop will cover configuration management processes in real-world settings. The focus will be on practical tactics that attendees can directly apply. Attendees will discuss the issues they face in their deployments and will compare their experiences and tactics with other attendees'. This workshop is a tool-agnostic discussion of practical issues; the discussion will be widely applicable, regardless of the configuration tool used. The focus will be on practical tactics that attendees can directly apply.

The workshop will have two major components. The first will be a series of discussions on current topics of interest. These will be separated by two or three presentations by attendees of their configuration management environments, highlighting useful techniques and potential problem areas.

Attendees should be system administrators with a deployed configuration management system in place who want to talk with and learn from others on the subject. Tool developers interested in hearing the needs of their users and/or offering suggestions are also welcome, but they are not the primary intended participants.

To attend the workshop, please send email to

Monday, November 8

Kyrre Begnum, Oslo University College; Æleen Frisch, Exponential Consulting

This workshop is an opportunity for those teaching system administration in an academic setting to share ideas and experiences. The workshop leaders both teach in the System and Network Administration Master's Degree program at Oslo University College. Even though this program and its curriculum has many years of development and maturity behind it, we find ourselves facing new challenges as we move forward. Some of these include:

  • Maintaining a curriculum that reflects current technology and best practices
  • A dramatically shifting student profile, including many more students with significantly less developed technical backgrounds
  • Teaching students in the age of ubiquitous wireless access but no pencils
  • Providing students with the technical skills and problem-solving ability desired by the job market
  • Tensions between "academic" requirements/standards and "practical" course content

The workshop will provide a chance for people teaching system administration to undergraduate and/or graduate students to share their experiences, triumphs, and ongoing challenges and problems with one another. People who teach system administration and/or programming in an academic setting, be it one course or an entire program, are encouraged to consider participating in this workshop. People teaching outside a university/college setting may also be interested in the workshop, if their students share the same characteristics of beginning with little or no practical experience of the subject.

To attend the workshop, please send a brief description of who you are and where and whom you teach, along with your suggestions and goals for the workshop, to

Workshop 4: SECURITY (Full Day)
Matt Disney, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Information security is a topic important to many system administrators, yet it is challenging to make security a high priority or to stay updated on this very wide and fluid topic. This workshop offers a personal and flexible venue for systems, security, and network administrators to discuss security challenges and experiences with other interested admins and experts. Discussion topics and potential presentations will depend on the interests of the attendees.

Send email to to participate.

Mark Burgess, Oslo University College

Knowledge management is probably the single greatest challenge for system administrators today, but one of the least represented in terms of resources and tools. Organizations waste time and money every year reinventing wheels because there is no effective knowledge transfer between IT workers.

Knowledge management includes a variety of issues, including the understanding of specification of systems, relationships between system dependencies, version control on system changes, strategies for streamlining information from logs and monitoring feeds, and more.

This workshop will discuss the scope and techniques for knowledge management in system administration. We aim to have a open discussion.

To attend the workshop, please send email to

Tuesday, November 9

Workshop 6: ADVANCED TOPICS (Full Day)
Adam Moskowitz

This workshop, intended for very senior administrators, provides an informal roundtable discussion of the problems facing system administrators today. Attendance is limited and based on acceptance of a position paper (plain ASCII, three paragraphs maximum); a typical paper covers what the author thinks is the most difficult or important issue facing system administrators today, why this is a problem, and why this problem is important. A more complete description of the workshop and information about position papers is available at Position papers should be sent to Attendees are required to bring a laptop computer.

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