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More Series of Classes Than Ever Before

LISA is again offering a series of classes focusing on some of the most important topics you'll encounter. Back for 2010, the Virtualization Series offers both new and repeat classes that provide the latest virtualization information. The Linux Security and Administration Series offers in-depth Linux training. Finally, new for 2010, the SuperSysadmin Series showcases techniques for time and project management, raising your visibility, and other key skills to take your career to the next level. Save time by getting your specialized training in one place at one time! Follow the icons throughout the full training descriptions and complete the series.





S1: Virtualization with VMware vSphere: The Fundamentals NEW!
Rupen Sheth and Shridhar Deuskar

M1: VMware Cloud and Cloud Architecture Design NEW!
John Arrasjid and Ben Lin

T1: Introduction to the Open Source Xen Hypervisor
Todd Deshane and Patrick Wilbur

R1: VMware ESX Performance and Tuning
Richard McDougall

F1: Using Amazon Web Services NEW!
William LeFebvre and Marc Staveley

Linux Security and Administration

S9: Working with SELinux
Rik Farrow

M5: Real-World Insights on How to Secure and Route Your Linux Network NEW!
Jason Faulkner

M10: Recovering from Linux Hard Drive Disasters
Theodore Ts'o

T2: Administering Linux in Production Environments
Æleen Frisch

W2: Linux Performance Tuning NEW!
Theodore Ts'o

R3: Pacemaker and Linux-HA: World-Class High Availability Software UPDATED FOR 2010!
Alan Robertson


S7: Getting It Out the Door Successfully NEW!
Strata Rose Chalup

M4: Time Management for System Administrators: The Basics
Thomas A. Limoncelli

M8: Advanced Time Management: Team Efficiency NEW!
Thomas A. Limoncelli

M9: Understanding Service Levels and Service Level Agreements NEW!
Mike Ciavarella

T6: Project Troubleshooting
Strata Rose Chalup

T9: Documentation Techniques for Sysadmins
Mike Ciavarella

T10: Problem-Solving for IT Professionals
Strata Rose Chalup

W4: A Sysadmin's Guide to Navigating the Business World NEW!
Mark Burgess and Carolyn Rowland

W6: Practical Project Management for Sysadmins and IT Professionals NEW!
Strata Rose Chalup

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