Reworking Observability In Ceph

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 5:00 pm5:30 pm

Samuel Just, Red Hat


Jaeger and Opentracing provides ready to use tracing services for distributed systems and are becoming widely used de-facto standard because of their ease of use. Making use of these libraries, Ceph, can reach to a much-improved monitoring state, supporting visibility to its background distributed processes. This would, in turn, add up to the way Ceph is being debugged, “making Ceph more transparent” in identifying abnormalities. In this session, the audience will get to learn about using distributed tracing in large scale distributed systems like Ceph, an overview of Jaegertracing in Ceph and how someone can use it for debugging Ceph.

Samuel Just, Red Hat

Sam Just is an engineer at Red Hat focusing on Ceph. He began contributing to the Ceph project in 2010 and was the rados tech lead until 2017. Presently, his focus includes crimson and other projects within rados.

Sam has past experience speaking about Ceph, including at Vault.

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