Using Linux Block Integrity in Building and Testing Storage Systems

Tuesday, February 25, 2020 - 9:00 am9:30 am

Mikhail Malygin, Yadro


Linux block integrity is a well-known block layer subsystem that helps to detect and prevent data corruption. This talk is based on hands on experience in building and testing storage systems and provides solutions for challenges faced in the block integrity stack. It also covers specifics of integrity implementation in SCSI or NVMe kernel drivers as well as in virtual environments: qemu, virtio, vhost.

Mikhail Malygin, Yadro

Principal Software Engineer at YADRO, with 10 years’ storage systems design and architecture. Technology expertise in storage, distributed systems, scale-out solutions, operation systems, networks, performance and reliability. Open source contributor. Conference speaker. Leading engineer for YADRO Tatlin (unified storage). Key contributor to Dell EMC ECS (scale-out geo distributed object storage), Dell EMC Centera (purpose-built archive solution), Centera Virtual Archive. Architected Yadro Tatlin storage data protection layer. Yadro Tatlin achieved 500+ petabytes deployment in 2019. Author of 10+ patents and patent application in storage area.

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