Programming Emerging Storage Interfaces

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 12:00 pm12:30 pm

Simon Lund, Samsung


The popularity of NVMe has gone beyond the limits of the block device. Currently, NVMe is standardizing Key-Value (KV) and Zoned (ZNS) namespaces, and discussions on the standardization of computational storage namespaces have already started.

While modern I/O submission APIs are designed to support non-block submission (e.g., io_uring), these new interfaces incur an extra burden into applications, who now need to deal with memory constraints (e.g., barriers, DMA-able memory).

To address this problem, we have created xNVMe (pronounced cross-NVMe): a user-space library that provides a generic layer for memory allocations and I/O submission, and abstracts the underlying I/O engine (e.g., libaio, io_uring, SPDK).

In this talk, we (i) present the design and architecture of xNVMe, (ii) give examples of how applications can easily integrate with it and (iii) provide an evaluation of the overhead that it adds to the I/O path.

Simon Lund, Samsung

Simon Lund is a Staff Engineer at Samsung. His current work revolves around reducing the cognitive load for developers adopting emerging storage interfaces. Before Samsung, he worked at CNEX Labs designing and implementing liblightnvm: the Open-Channel SSD User Space Library. Simon received his Ph.D. on High Performance Backends for Array-Oriented Programming on Next-Generation Processing Units at the University of Copenhagen. He has given several talks on programming language, interpreter, and compiler design for HPC during his Ph.D. Most recently, in the industry at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference. Regardless of the topic, Simon's focus is the same, to bridge the gap between high-level abstractions and low-level control and measuring the cost and benefit of doing so.

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