Linux User Library for NVM Express

Monday, February 24, 2020 - 11:30 am12:00 pm

Keith Busch, WDC


The NVM Express workgroup is introducing new features frequently, and the Linux kernel supporting these devices evolves with it. This ever moving target creates challenges when developing tools when new interfaces are created, or older ones change. This talk will provide information on some of these recent enhancements, and introduce the new open source 'libnvme': a common library developed in a public repository that provides access to all NVM Express features with convenient abstractions to the kernel interfaces interacting with your devices. This session will also provide an opportunity for others to share what additional features they would like to see out of this common library in the future.

Keith Busch, WDC

Keith Busch develops, promotes, and maintains NVM Express and software that enables this protocol. He has provided many talks on the subject across the world since the introduction of this storage standard.

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