Squirrel: A Scalable Secure Two-Party Computation Framework for Training Gradient Boosting Decision Tree


Wen-jie Lu and Zhicong Huang, Alibaba Group; Qizhi Zhang, Ant Group; Yuchen Wang, Alibaba Group; Cheng Hong, Ant Group


Gradient Boosting Decision Tree (GBDT) and its variants are widely used in industry, due to their high efficiency as well as strong interpretability. Secure multi-party computation allows multiple data owners to compute a function jointly while keeping their input private. In this work, we present Squirrel, a secure two-party GBDT training framework on a vertically split dataset, where two data owners each hold different features of the same data samples. Squirrel is private against semi-honest adversaries, and no sensitive intermediate information is revealed during the training process. Squirrel is also scalable to datasets with millions of samples even under a Wide Area Network (WAN).

Squirrel achieves its high performance via several novel co-designs of the GBDT algorithms and advanced cryptography. Especially, 1) we propose a new mechanism to hide the sample distribution on each node using oblivious transfer. 2) We propose a highly optimized method for secure gradient aggregation using two lattice-based homomorphic encryption schemes. Our empirical results show that our method can be three orders of magnitude faster than the existing approaches. 3) We propose a novel protocol to evaluate the sigmoid function on secretly shared values, showing 19×-200×-fold improvements over two existing methods. Combining all these improvements, Squirrel costs less than 6 seconds per tree on a dataset with 50 thousands samples which outperforms Pivot (VLDB 2020) by more than 28×. We also show that Squirrel can scale up to datasets with more than one million samples, e.g., about 90 seconds per tree over a WAN.

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