Erebus: Access Control for Augmented Reality Systems


Yoonsang Kim, Sanket Goutam, Amir Rahmati, and Arie Kaufman, Stony Brook University


Augmented Reality (AR) is widely considered the next evolution in personal devices, enabling seamless integration of the digital world into our reality. Such integration, however, often requires unfettered access to sensor data, causing significant overprivilege for applications that run on these platforms. Through analysis of 17 AR systems and 45 popular AR applications, we explore existing mechanisms for access control in AR platforms, identify key trends in how AR applications use sensor data, and pinpoint unique threats users face in AR environments. Using these findings, we design and implement Erebus, an access control framework for AR platforms that enables fine-grained control over data used by AR applications. Erebus achieves the principle of least privileged through creation of a domain-specific language (DSL) for permission control in AR platforms, allowing applications to specify data needed for their functionality. Using this DSL, Erebus further enables users to customize app permissions to apply under specific user conditions. We implement Erebus on Google's ARCore SDK and port five existing AR applications to demonstrate Erebus capability to secure various classes of apps. Performance results using these applications and various microbenchmarks show that Erebus achieves its security goals while being practical, introducing negligible performance overhead to the AR system.

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