SREcon24 Europe/Middle East/Africa Exhibitor Services

Important Dates and Deadlines (Subject to change)

  • 7 October, 2024 Exhibitor registration deadline (tentative)
  • 8 October, 2024 Total Expo stand package selection due
  • 13 October, 2024 Interflow Logistics shipping deadlines (see below for complete details)
  • 15 October, 2024 Submit print-ready stand graphics through Total Expo's webshop
  • 15 October, 2024 Total Expo optional upgrades for stand due:
    • Print-ready graphics, optional carpet, furniture, monitors/TV orders
  • 26 October, 2024 Deadline to order dedicated internet through CCD

Exhibit Move-in/out Schedule Overview (subject to change)

  • Monday, 28 October: Exhibitor set up in the Forum 18:00–20:00
  • Tuesday, 29 October: Exhibitor set up in the Forum: 07:00–10:00
  • Thursday, 31 October: Exhibitor move out 14:15–16:00 (updated)

Exhibit Hours (pending final program, subject to change)

  • Tuesday, 29 October, 10:00–19:30
  • Wednesday, 30 October, 08:00–17:30
  • Thursday, 31 October, 08:00–14:00 (end of lunch)


The Convention Centre Dublin
Spencer Dock
North Wall Quay

Exhibit Hall: The Forum

Stand Details

Stands are located in The Forum on the ground floor of the Convention Centre Dublin. The floor plan and stand numbers are coming soon. Please refer to your company name when placing your optional stand orders through Total Expo.

Stands include the following:

Sample booth image

  • Stand footprint: 3-meters x 3-meters
  • Shell scheme: Unbranded back wall, low side wall
  • Plain text company name/stand number, for identification
  • One arm spotlight
  • 1-meter, unbranded locking counter
  • 2 Zed stools
  • One double-socket, 1kW max power point
  • Access to free conference WiFi
  • Two exhibitor-only badges for stand access

Note: Stands do not include graphics. Custom, optional, counter or back wall graphics should be ordered through Total Expo's webshop, as can monitor rentals, custom furnishings, and more through Total Expo's webshop.

Total Expo Show Decorator

Total Expo Project Manager: Jennifer Walsh, email:

Stand packages

Total Expo's webshop is for optional orders for furnishings, monitors, and accessories through the SREcon24 EMEA Exhibitor webshop. Be advised, stand graphics/artwork are not included with the stands but can be ordered through Total Expo's webshop. You must choose your stand package by 8 October. The default stand package can be seen here but note you cannot submit your graphics order until you select a stand package by 8 October.


Print-ready artwork deadline: 15 October, 2024

Final, print-ready artwork is to be submitted directly to Total Expo by 15 October. Artwork specifications for your stand are available for download once you select your package on the webshop.


No direct-to-venue shipments allowed

Interflow Logistics Freight Handling Advance Warehouse
Contact: Anderson Marisa, email:, phone: +353 (0)87 238 8185

Note: The Convention Centre Dublin does not accept deliveries. Please review the Interflow Logistics shipping manual linked below, and book your shipments online via Interflow Logistics.

Shipping Manual: Interflow Logistics Manual

Arrival Deadlines

  • Ocean Freight FCL Dublin: 15 October, 2024
  • Ocean Freight LCL Dublin: 13 October, 2024
  • Airfreight: 20 October, 2024
  • Truck/Interflow Warehouse: 23 October, 2024

Shipping Out

Please arrange your outbound shipments in advance through Interflow Logistics unless you can hand carry your items out on your own.

WiFi and Ethernet

Free conference WiFi is included with your exhibit. If you require a dedicated connection, you can place an order through the Convention Centre Dublin and follow the instructions detailed below. The order portal closes 8 October. Please disregard optional monitors and furnishing orders on the Convention Centre's site and continue placing them through Total Expo's webshop to ensure correct integration with booth structure and graphics.

Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) Ethernet Order Portal

The Convention Centre Dublin offers dedicated connectivity if you require a seamless connection beyond the conference-provided free WiFI. The order portal is managed by the CCD, and you may order from their storefront, which is linked below.

CCD Ethernet Order Portal

  1. Scroll to 'SREcon24 Europe/Middle East/Africa' and click "go to store"
  2. Create an account and complete the mandatory fields. Please use your company name if you do not know your stand number.


Your exhibit space includes access to one double socket one-kilowatt max power point. If you require additional power, please order through Total Expo's webshop.

Monitor Rental/AV

Please order through Total Expo's webshop. Mounting options include stand or wall mounted. Coordinate placement with Total Expo.

Lead Retrieval Overview

Lead Retrieval Order Form Coming Soon!

Exhibitors can buy lead retrieval licenses via the Cvent exhibitor portal. Leads are gathered with the Cvent LeadCapture app, downloadable to your own devices from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Your sponsorship's admin can log into Cvent here to purchase and assign licenses to registered staff.

Here are instructions on how to use the app. Please share this information with your onsite exhibiting staff in advance.

GDPR Compliance: Exhibitors can add an additional question within the app to obtain a form of written consent if required. Data collected includes the information the attendee agreed to share when registering to attend the conference: Name, email, company, and title. Please note: Phone numbers, work/home addresses, cities, countries, and postal codes are not collected. You may ask attendees for additional contact information upon further conversation.

Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitors are required to register for an exhibitor-only badge to staff their stand if not otherwise registered to attend sessions. This badge only grants access to the exhibits in the Forum.

Please have no more than two staff working your exhibit at any one time.

  1. We will email your sponsorship's main point of contact the link for exhibitor registration.
  2. Exhibitors must register for their badge no later than 7 October.
  3. Those planning to attend sessions rather than solely staff your exhibit should register as regular attendees with a full conference pass (or sponsor pass, if available, per your contract).


There will be overnight security in the Forum. USENIX can secure any small items of value in our locked office as needed.


USENIX does not offer a room block at a hotel, but we encourage you to shop around for your accommodations to find what suits your needs.