The Revolution Will Not Be Terraformed: SRE and the Anarchist Style

Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 11:05 am11:25 am

Austin Parker, Lightstep


Site Reliability Engineering is more than a job title, discipline, or functional role—it's an organizational and cultural force advocating for change. How did this come to be, and how can practitioners become more effective in driving a culture of reliability in their organization? In this talk, I'll discuss the past, present, and future of SRE through the lens of movements such as Agile and DevOps and how they have been co-opted and commoditized. Our analysis will not only include technical and organizational themes, but connect them to social studies and the organization of peoples. You'll walk away with an appreciation for how SRE can become a more effective motivating factor for not only reliability of systems, but of the people that underpin them.

Austin Parker, Lightstep

Austin Parker has been creating problems with computers for the majority of his life. In a stunning face turn, he instead has spent the past five years helping others solve the problems that computers create. Formerly an SRE and DevOps Engineer, he now focuses on observability topics and shitposting on the internet. He is an OpenTelemetry maintainer and community manager, an author, event organizer, public speaker, and general bon vivant.

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