On the Wings of SREs; J.P. Morgan's Journey into the Cloud

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 3:55 pm4:15 pm

Fred Moyer, J.P. Morgan Chase


The SRE function at J.P. Morgan Chase was created in the last couple of years to catalyze the move of many of our applications to the public cloud. Stability and reliability are the forefront of what customers expect and depend on. So a move from on premise applications to the public cloud face challenges on a number of fronts; regulatory, technical, organizational, and external pressure from stakeholders wanting this to succeed in a timely manner.

We'll talk about how the SREs at JPMC are shepherding the move with an SRE mindset in the face of a number of challenges such as building trust between SREs and application developers, transitioning to measuring reliability from incident counting to modern approaches like SLOs, and adoption of modern observability solutions.

Fred Moyer, J.P. Morgan Chase

Fred is an Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, a recovering Perl and C programmer, and has spent most of his career with web services, monitoring, and observability. He is a 2018 Google dev award winner for his Istio observability adapter, a 2013 Perl White Camel award winner, Apache Software Foundation member, and has worked in software engineering and reliability roles since the Dotcom boom.

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