Scaling Terraform at ThousandEyes

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 1:50 pm2:35 pm

Ricard Bejarano, Cisco Systems Inc.


After years of using Terraform to manage our global infrastructure, we ran into a number of problems: code duplication, drift between environments, hacky solutions to Terraform's shortcomings...

We present to you a new way of scaling Terraform that removes code duplication and boilerplate, eliminates drift, and adds many of Terraform's missing features that we now can't live without.

Ricard Bejarano, Cisco Systems Inc.

Ricard is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at ThousandEyes' Infrastructure team. His background is mostly networking, monitoring, incident management and hunting down the weirdest bugs. He has led the transformation of how we use Terraform to manage our global infrastructure.

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