Elephant in the Blameless War Room—Accountability

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - 02:0002:30

Christina Tan and Emily Arnott, Blameless


How do you reconcile the ideal of blamelessness with the demand for blame? When is it constructive to hold someone accountable, and how? To change a blameful culture, we must empathize with those that point the finger and see how their goals align with our own. We'll show you how to communicate that their goals can be achieved blamelessly. Lastly, we'll share how to hold true accountability well.

Christina Tan, Blameless

Christina is on the strategy team at Blameless, architecting interpersonal dynamics for conflict resolution, high performance teams, and executive alignment. Prior to that, Christina coached TED speakers for public speaking and startup founders for fundraising. Her clients have collectively raise over $240M. In her spare time, she runs the mindfulness community Serenity Lounge.

Emily Arnott, Blameless

Emily Arnott is a writer for Blameless. Although she's an outsider to the SRE space, she's been eagerly developing her own perspectives on its practices and culture. You can find her writing at Blameless' blog Failure is Inevitable.

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