Panel: OpML

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - 17:4518:30

Moderator: Vanessa Yiu, Goldman Sachs

Panelists: Todd Underwood, Google; Josh Hartman, LinkedIn; Zhangwei Xu, Azure; Nisha Talagala, Pyxeda AI



Vanessa Yiu, Goldman Sachs

Vanessa Yiu leads Enterprise Architecture and Engineering Risk Management at Goldman Sachs, and is Co-Chair of SREcon21. She has worked in, and managed teams across many engineering disciplines including SRE, platform security, infrastructure, data, and electronic trading platform. Vanessa is a contributor to O’Reilly’s "97 Things Every SRE Should Know", and has been active with SREcon as speaker, program committee member and co-chair since 2018.

Todd Underwood, Google

Todd Underwood is a Director at Google. He leads Machine Learning for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) for Google. ML SRE teams build and scale internal and external ML services and are critical to almost every Product Area at Google. He is also the Engineering Site Lead for Google's Pittsburgh office.

Josh Hartman, LinkedIn

Josh Hartman currently leads the ML infrastructure team at LinkedIn and is responsible for the Pro-ML platform, which is an opinionated framework for industrial AI. The platform encompasses model creation and training pipelines for a variety of model classes, a feature store, a model cloud for hosted inference, and a health assurance suite to ensure the system is functioning correctly on an ongoing basis. Before leading ML infrastructure, Josh was the first architect for the systems that powered AI for LinkedIn's feed and notifications systems. Josh then led the Careers AI organization, where his team introduced the first DL ranking model at LinkedIn to recruiter-search. In his free time, Josh enjoys playing with his three young kids and lifting weights.

Zhangwei Xu, Azure

Zhangwei Xu is a Director of Engineering in the Azure Edge+Platform team responsible for production infrastructure and engineering services for Azure and Microsoft including Engineering Pipeline, Incident Management Platform, AIOps, DevOps experiences and etc. Before joining Azure, he worked in Windows, Xbox, and Bing as a software engineer and engineering manager.

Nisha Talagala, Pyxeda AI

Nisha Talagala is the CEO and founder of AIClub.World which is bringing AI Literacy to K-12 students and individuals worldwide. Nisha has significant experience in introducing technologies like Artificial Intelligence to new learners from students to professionals. Previously, Nisha co-founded ParallelM which pioneered the MLOps practice of managing Machine Learning in production for enterprises - acquired by DataRobot. Nisha is a recognized leader in the operational machine learning space, having also driven the USENIX Operational ML Conference, the first industry/academic conference on production AI/ML. Nisha was previously a Fellow at SanDisk and Fellow/Lead Architect at Fusion-io, where she worked on innovation in non-volatile memory technologies and applications. Nisha has more than 20 years of expertise in enterprise software development, distributed systems, technical strategy and product leadership. She has worked as technology lead for server flash at Intel - where she led server platform non-volatile memory technology development, storage-memory convergence, and partnerships. Prior to Intel, Nisha was the CTO of Gear6, where she designed and built clustered computing caches for high performance I/O environments. Nisha earned her PhD at UC Berkeley where she did research on clusters and distributed systems. Nisha holds 73 patents in distributed systems and software, over 25 refereed research publications, is a frequent speaker at industry and academic events, and is a contributing writer to Forbes and other publications.

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