How We Built Out Our SRE Department to Support over 100 Million Users for the World's 3rd Biggest Mobile Marketplace

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - 16:3017:00

Sinéad O'Reilly, Aspiegel SE


March 2020 was a strange month for everyone—our work and employee interactions changed fundamentally, and perhaps permanently, as the entire office-bound workforce shifted to working from home. Here in Aspiegel, it wasn't the only challenge that came our way. We combined an increased role in Huawei service management, with retiring our managed services SRE team. This meant that over the year we would need to hire aggressively to replace the team, and also to support our new growth. Working through this onboarding over the course of the year would cause some hiccups along the way, but ultimately it would force us to change into a leaner, and more professional SRE Department. Join us, as we talk about what we did, what we learned, and how we can help others get there too!

Sinéad O'Reilly, Aspiegel SE

After studying Engineering in UCD, and a Masters in Telecoms, Sinead spent a few years traveling around the world for Ericsson, teaching local Engineers how to set up 3G UMTS mobile phone networks. This was followed by a move to Salesforce and the consulting sphere for a few years, and then a move into Technical Operations leadership. After a couple of years in Salesforce Security, managing a DevOps SysSec Access Control team, she moved to Aspiegel to help lead the Site Reliability Department. There she enjoys managing several DevOps SRE teams, while also looking after Operations, and Training & Development for the Department as a whole.

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