MySQL and InnoDB Performance for the Rest of Us

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - 03:3004:00

Shaun O'Keefe


I know you.

You lose sleep wondering what your SQL is actually doing as you lay in bed at night. You quickly leave the room after saying "storage engine" lest someone asks you to explain what one actually is. You plead with your queries to use your indexes or whisper secret oaths to deities so they may grant you the clarity to understand the results of your EXPLAINs. When asked where your data is stored on disk, your answer is most likely going to be the name of a city.

I know you because I once was you. But then I read the docs. And I'm here to share what I learned.

Shaun O'Keefe[node:field-speakers-institution]

Shaun O'Keefe is the Head of Platform Engineering (HoPE) at Stile Education, a small but growing group of people who feel very strongly about improving scientific literacy, and about being very, very nice to one another. Shaun likes his infrastructure boring, his pager quiet, and his engineers as friendly as circumstances allow. For the past 10 years, Shaun has slowly been fleeing down the east coast of Australia to finally settle in Melbourne, where he lives with his wife and two kids. Almost all of the peanut butter on his screen is from the two kids.

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