What If the Promise of AIOps Was True?

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Wednesday, 13 October, 2021 - 18:0018:30

Niall Murphy, RelyAbility


Many SREs treat the idea of AIOps as a joke, and the community has good reasons for this. But what if it were actually true? What if our jobs were in danger? What if AI—which can play chess, Go, and Breakout more fluidly than any human being—was poised to conquer the world of production engineering as well? What could we, or should we, do about it?

Join me in this talk as we examine the current state of affairs, and the future, in the light of the promises made by AIOps companies. Or, in short, to ask the question, what if AIOps were true?

Niall Murphy, RelyAbility

Niall Murphy has worked in Internet infrastructure since the mid-1990s, specializing in large online services. He has worked with all of the major cloud providers from their Dublin, Ireland offices, and most recently at Microsoft, where he was global head of Azure Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). He is the instigator, co-author, and editor of the two Google SRE books, and he is probably one of the few people in the world to hold degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Poetry Studies. He lives in Dublin with his wife and two children.

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