A Political Scientist's View on Site Reliability

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Tuesday, 12 October, 2021 - 17:1517:45

Dr. Michael Krax, Google


Political science can provide novel and fresh insights into software engineering problems:

  • Empirical research on social change is helpful to understand team dynamics and how to evolve teams.
  • Analyzing political systems as self-organizing systems provides insight on how to simplify modern production environments.

If you are interested in a different look at your everyday questions, join us. No prior political science training or knowledge expected.

Structured talk, conceptual session

Michael Krax, Google

Michael works as an SRM with Google in Dublin. In a former life, he researched the different methods that European governments use to coordinate European policymaking. He has been working in different engineering roles (mostly in Berlin) and holds degrees from Freie Universitaet Berlin and Sciences Po Paris.

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