Hacking ML into Your Organization

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Thursday, 14 October, 2021 - 01:4502:00

Cathy Chen, Capriole Consulting Inc, Google LLC


As a future chapter of the upcoming O'Reilly book, Reliable Machine Learning: Applying SRE Principles to ML in Production, this talk is aimed at SRE, developers, data scientists, and business people alike.

Consider SRE and other parts of the business as a business implements or scales ML in their business. What does the business have to learn from ML and what new organizational changes should they think about as they expand support ML as business optimizing work?

Attendees will learn:

  • How to apply the organization design Star model to ML deployment
  • Where to build ML skills outside the tech team
  • Organizational changes needed to integrate ML into the organization

Cathy Chen, Capriole Consulting Inc and Google LLC

Cathy Chen, CPCC, MA, specializes in coaching tech leaders enabling the development of their own skills in leading teams. She has held the role of technical program manager, product manager, and engineering manager. She has led teams in large tech companies as well as startups launching product features, internal tools, and operating large systems. Cathy has a BS in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley and an MA in Organizational Psychology from Teacher's College at Columbia University. Cathy also works at Google in Machine Learning SRE.

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