Making Infrastructure More Friendly for Beginners

Tuesday, December 08, 2020 - 11:30 am12:10 pm

Shubheksha Jalan and Leslie Carr


Infrastructure and related domains aren't very friendly to beginners and people early in their tech career. There is a lack of resources and information about how to transition to these domains or how to get a job with little to no prior experience. We were all once in that position and this conversation between Shubheksha and Leslie will share what Shubheksha has learned and what we can do as a community to make it better for those coming after us. We strongly believe that we should be leaving doors we're lucky enough to pass through wide open for those coming after us.

Shubheksha Jalan[node:field-speakers-institution]

Shubheksha Jalan is a software engineer keenly interested in complex problems at the intersection of distributed systems, reliability, and infrastructure at scale. She enjoys breaking down hard technical concepts through doodles, illustrations, and easy-to-understand blog posts. When she's not too busy fighting computers, she enjoys being outdoors and dabbling in arts and craft.

Leslie Carr, Quip

Leslie Carr is an Engineering Manager at Quip. Leslie transformed from a productive engineer into a pointy-haired manager while at Clover Health. In her past life, Leslie worked at Cumulus Networks in DevOps, helping to push automation in the network world. Prior to that, she was on the production side of the world at many large websites, such as Google, Craigslist, and Wikimedia. Leslie is a lover and user of open source and automation. She dreams of robots taking over all of our jobs one day.

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