Leading without Managing: Becoming an SRE Technical Leader

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 11:00 am12:00 pm

Todd Palino, LinkedIn


Increasingly, technical organizations are developing career paths to build and recognize leaders outside of the traditional management roles. But what should an SRE who wants to be a leader be focusing on? Through the eyes of an engineer who reinvented his career in one of the largest SRE organizations, we will examine what technical leadership looks like, and how an individual can help guide the strategic path of a team, department, or company without taking on the role of a people manager. You'll pick up tactical work that you can start immediately to set yourself up for success, and some pointers to be able to identify the opportunities when they show up.

Todd Palino, LinkedIn

Todd Palino is a Senior Staff Engineer in Site Reliability at LinkedIn on the Capacity Engineering team, where his team is creating a framework for application capacity measurement, analysis, and change intelligence. Prior to that, he was responsible for architecture, day-to-day operations, and tools development for one of the largest Apache Kafka deployments. In his spare time, Todd is the developer of the open source project Burrow, a Kafka consumer monitoring tool, and is the co-author of Kafka: The Definitive Guide, now available from O’Reilly Media.

Out of the office, you can find Todd at conferences like SREcon and LISA, sharing his experience from years in SRE technical leadership, and at Kafka Summit or ApacheCon talking about how to feed and water Kafka infrastructures. Or maybe out on the trails, training for the next marathon.

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