Lightning Talks

Friday, June 14, 2019 - 11:00 am12:30 pm


  • Developing Effective Project Plans For SRE Internships
    Andrew Ryan, Facebook
  • Zero Downtime Cross-Cluster Migration of Microservices in Kubernetes
    Swati Singhvi and Vrinda Malhotra, VMware
  • How to Ruin an SRE-Dev Relationship in 3 Simple Steps
    Raushaniya Maksudova, Google
  • An Effective Agile SRE Workflow
    Jay Chin, Grab
  • 5 Actions for Training Your SRE Team
    Dorian Basuyau, Ubisoft Singapore
  • Managing Terraform State at Stack Overflow
    Mark Henderson, Stack Overflow
  • Transparency—How Much Is Too Much?
    Amiya Adwitiya, Squadcast Inc
  • Dashboards for Thousands of Services
    Andreas F. Bobak, Google
  • What SREs Can Learn from Moms about the Preventative Paradigm
    Rayappa Mayakunthala, Salesforce
  • Our Practices of Delegating Ownership in Microservices World
    Daisuke Fujita, Mercari, Inc.
  • Error Budgets in Banks—Challenges & Way Forward
    Chaitanya Gorrepati and Alex Titlynanov

Note: A single PDF file containing all the slides submitted by presenters is available for download below.

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