Automating the Management of the Operational Health of Cloud Accounts at Scale

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 2:20 pm2:50 pm

Jamie Walls, Capital One


In a large scale environment where engineers are empowered to independently deliver an application from concept to working production system, and in public cloud providers that allow access to do almost anything, there is a unique challenge of implementing and maintaining controls that align with tight banking regulations. I will discuss how we've used a combination of open source tools and our custom automation to solve various challenges such as:

  • Limiting public access
  • Staying ahead of account resource limits
  • Enforcing resource ownership
  • Cost control
  • Security patching
  • Account-impacting mistakes

Jamie Walls, Capital One

Jamie has experience in operations and on feature delivery teams and brings an understanding of the balance between high operational quality and time to market. He understands the value in "Shift Left" operational testing and validation where a focus on simplifying and automating early stages of any process will lead to higher quality later. He currently works in a role establishing and enforcing cloud best practices within a large-scale public cloud environment.

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