Extending the Error Budget Model to Security and Feature Freshness

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 2:55 pm3:25 pm

Jim Thomson and David Laing, Pivotal


Everyone knows about error budgets (most every SRE at this conference, anyway) and how to use them to manage availability.

But what about operations outcomes beyond availability, like _security_ and _feature freshness_? In this talk, we'll describe how to apply the error budget model to measure and improve security and feature value and mitigate the risk of change. And we'll give you the tools to brag about your success.

Jim Thomson, Pivotal

Jim is a Product Lead at Pivotal Cloud R+D, and loves to bring product-thinking into an operations world. While he's more into dogs, he shares a love of dad-jokes with David.

David Laing, Pivotal

David is an Engineering Lead at Pivotal Cloud R+D. He previously ran CloudOpsEU - the team that keeps Pivotal Tracker's foundation available, secure, and feature-fresh. He is particularly fond of cats and dad-jokes.

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