SRE Classroom - How to Design a Distributed System in 3 Hours

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 9:00 am12:30 pm

Ryan Thomas, JC van Winkel, Phillip Tischler, and Jennifer Mace, Google


Participants in this workshop will learn principles of systems design, and work in small groups to apply the concepts to designing a distributed system. This workshop emphasizes design skills for the real world, including how to integrate third-party or Cloud-based software components into your own systems.

Ryan Thomas, Google

Ryan is a Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Google Australia, and currently manages the Accelerated Storage SRE team. Ryan is passionate about the design, implementation, and operation of large-scale distributed systems, and sharing his experiences with anyone interested in SRE. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys messing about with the Rust programming language.

JC van Winkel, Google

JC has been teaching UNIX and programming languages since 1992, working for AT Computing, a small courseware spin-off of the University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. JC joined Google's Site Reliability Engineering team in 2010 and is both a founding member and lead educator of the SRE education team, SRE EDU.

Phillip Tischler, Google

Phillip Tischler is a Senior Software Engineer & Site Reliability Engineer at Google NYC. Phillip is currently SRE Tech Lead of ACL-d Search, which is search over data with permissions/sharing. Phillip also works on general indexing and search, aggregations, and low latency serving. Phillip is passionate about large-scale distributed systems and autonomous robotics. In his spare time, Phillip is a Director of the AUVSI SUAS Competition and mentors local FIRST robotics teams.

Jennifer Mace, Google

Macey is a Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Google Seattle, where she wrangles the world's largest fleet of Kubernetes clusters under the banner of GKE. Previously the tech lead of Display Ads SRE, she has contributed to the latest SRE Workbook on topics from Incident Management to the interplay between load balancing and autoscaling systems. Ask her about multi-single-tenancy, and why that phrase should give you nightmares.

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