Mindfulness in SRE: Monitoring and Alerting for One's Self

Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 3:45 pm4:00 pm

Tommy Lutz, Google


As SREs, we are all permanently on-call for our own well-being. Without proper monitoring and alerting about what's going on in our body, mind, and surroundings, we're likely to fall short of our own expectations regarding stress management, work-life balance, social interactions, and risk management. This talk provides an illustrative definition of mindfulness, provides practical examples of its usefulness in SRE, and builds the concept of self-monitoring that can improve performance both on the job and on the street.

Tommy Lutz, Google

Tommy Lutz is an SRE manager at Google and a former engineering manager at Bloomberg Tradebook. The SRE team he serves supports Google's archival storage systems. Tommy is known for commuting to Google NYC by folding boat and bicycle on the Hudson River. The long float down the river bucks the trend of "ever-faster" lifestyles in favor of gentle lapping water, jumping fish, and time for reflection and contemplation (along with an occasional visit from the NYPD).

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