• Livetweeting Tech Conferences
    Bridget Kromhout, Microsoft
  • 5 Insights from 200 SREs on How Incident Response Affects Them
    Jaime Woo, Dawn Parzych, Catchpoint
  • Distributed Systems Need Deadlines
    Paul Henry, Coinbase
  • Doughnut Dilemma: A Lesson in Resource Managers
    Ravi Lachhman, AppDynamics
  • Automating SRE Work: Focusing on High-Return Customer and Business Outcomes
    Aniket Kulkarni, PayPal
  • Durable Disorder
    Anthony Sandoval, GitLab Inc
  • The Operation Maturity Model
    Matthew Fornaciari, Gremlin, Inc.
  • "Monitoring and Alerting, Ain't Nobody Got Time for That": How USDS Bootstrapped Basic SRE Best Practices a Week before Launch at FEMA
    David Holmes, USDS

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