Lessons Learned—Data Driven Hiring 3 Years Later

Friday, 31 August, 2018 - 09:5510:30

Chris Stankaitis, The Pythian Group


In 2015 I gave a talk on Data Driven Hiring at the first SREcon EMEA. Three years later I would like to revisit that talk, and discuss what's changed and what has remained the same since I first put in place a new hiring system based on evaluating "potential" rather than hard skills.

With the speed of changing technology, we have shifted to a reality where companies need people with growth mindsets who are able to embrace change and pick up new technologies fast. Gone are the days when the most technologies on a resume wins the race, and hiring managers are now working to replace their old methods with ones that validate a baseline of technical competency but focus on hiring for unknown unknowns.

Even if you are not a manager, interviewing for new roles is a constant in our world. This talk will help you understand what many managers are looking for and will give you an understanding of the evolution of the hiring process in the event you have not changed jobs recently.

Chris Stankaitis, The Pythian Group

Working for Pythian, Chris builds and manages high performing SRE and Hadoop Teams which are globally distributed (follow the sun) and remote (work from home) based. Working with companies from startup to web-scale, Chris's teams keeps many of the sites and services people use on a daily basis up and running smoothly. Chris is a passionate advocate and evangelist for the transformation of the traditional systems administration role into the current SRE paradigm. Outside of work Chris is a gamer geek, a volunteer with Scouts Canada, and works with his local LGBTQ+ community on education and outreach initiatives.

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