Unikernels—The New Black

Friday, 31 August, 2018 - 14:5015:30

Hristo Mohamed, CERN


The Operations world has never been more exiting! Long gone are the days of monolithic systems being responsible for multiple services and one cannot help but smile with a bit of sentiment reading books of old that gave advice along the lines "If possible, try to run a single service on a machine."

From the rise of VMs some 15 years ago, to the rise in popularity of containers in the last few years, the need for performance, easily scalable and manageable solutions for the age-old problem of running our software reliably, often on a massive scale, is obvious and addressed both by academia and industry.

Containers have been the new black for quite some time, but are they the future?

In this talk, I am going to:

  • Explore the amazing and exciting world of Unikernels! Unikernels are not a new technology and have been around for quite a while, but are a technology which is gaining popularity as an application container.
  • Explore some "young" and "old" unikernel projects
  • Talk about the growing unikernel community and just how easy it is nowadays to start experimenting with unikernels.

Hristo Mohamed, CERN

Hristo Mohamed really likes system administration and has decided to make this his main activity during the day. He works at CERN in the LHCb Online Team as a System Administrator and mainly deals with making things run as smoothly as possible. His main activities are automation and monitoring of the LHCb Online Cluster. He also tries to make sure that Linux is on its best behavior.

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