Data Protection Update and Tales from the Introduction of the GDPR

Wednesday, 2018, August 29 - 10:2010:50

Simon McGarr, Data Compliance Europe


The General Data Protection Directive came into force on the 25th May 2018, and this, in addition to other current legal developments such as cases relating to the Privacy Shield, make the area of data protection rather fast-moving and interesting at the moment. SRE organisations are often involved in ensuring compliance with these initiatives. This talk will be an update on current events and analysis of how they may impact SREs in the immediate future.

Simon McGarr, Data Compliance Europe

Simon McGarr is recognised as one of Ireland’s leading experts in Data Protection. A practising solicitor, Data Protection consultant and external DPO, he has lectured in the Law Society, regularly appears on national media discussing data issues and was recently invited by the Irish parliament to give evidence on the implementation of the GDPR. He has been involved in many of the landmark cases developing Data Protection law in the EU and focuses much of his work on helping organisations to understand their data protection law needs.

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