SRE for Mobile Applications

Wednesday, 29 August, 2018 - 14:5015:30

Samuel Littley, Google


In the server side world, we can and do lean heavily on redundancy, scaling, and direct control to engineer reliability; however, in the mobile world these well known facets of SRE (amongst others) are virtually non-existent. We typically have no binary rollbacks or downgrades, no forced updates/upgrades, and no ability to turn it off and back on again. Users rely on mobile applications more and more, and it's important that SREs consider client-side reliability. This talk discusses practices, principles, and processes that can be applied in the mobile world to make client-side code a first-class citizen, along with real-world case studies of what has and hasn't worked.

Note: Much of the talk will centre around Android, although many of what is discussed can be applied to other platforms

Samuel Littley, Google

Samuel Littley has been a Site Reliability Engineer at Google for 2 years, and is currently working in London on a team supporting the Google Search App and Google Play Services, as well as working on a wider effort supporting production best practices for Google's wide array of mobile applications.

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