Lightning Talks

Wednesday, 29 August, 2018 - 18:0019:00
  • Discovering the Beauty of Tech Debt
    Daisy Galvan, Facebook
  • Incident Management Simulation using LEGO
    Will Nowak, Google, Inc.
  • From 32 hours to 7: How the Traffic@FB Team Stopped Dreading Deployments
    Kyle Lexmond, Facebook Inc.
  • Thanos - High Availability and Long Term Storage of Prometheus Metrics
    Dominic Green, Improbable
  • SLA-driven container updates and host maintenance in Apache Aurora
    Stephan Erb, Blue Yonder GmbH
  • The Curious Case of Hiring and Being Hired
    Effie Mouzeli
  • How We Created More Relevant Alerting Even with the Old-school Zabbix-tool
    Vladimir Dobriakov,
  • Mastering AIOps with Deep Learning and Time-series Analysis
    Jorge Cardoso, Huawei Munich Research Center and University of Coimbra
  • System Reliability that Plant Trees
    Jason Gwartz,

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