How Atlassian Is Tackling Error Budgets, Agile Style

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 - 11:30 am11:55 am

Gui Vieiro, Atlassian


Striking a balance between feature delivery and reliability is a challenge many organizations face. Error Budgets, the practice of blocking feature releases when a service fails to meet Service Level Objectives, is an effective way of achieving the right balance. However, getting buy-in to adopt Error Budgets can be difficult as many see the process as heavy handed. This talk explores the agile approach Atlassian took in adopting Error Budgets to reap benefits quickly and avoid impacting dev velocity. Come hear about what compelled us to give Error Budgets a try, how we went about it, the challenges we faced, the results to date, and where we are going next with Error Budgets.

Gui Vieiro, Atlassian

For better than a decade Gui Vieiro has positioned organizations for success by growing and coaching technologists, developing technology strategies, and establishing practices leading operational excellence. Joining Atlassian in 2016 gave Gui the opportunity to enter the world of SRE and drive reliability initiatives for the benefit of millions of customers worldwide.

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