One Ring to Rule them...

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 - 10:5011:45

John Tobin, Google


Rollout automation is something that every service and team needs, and many reinvent the wheel. I'll talk about - why the wheel gets reinvented - a system design that discourages reinvention, including an architecture diagram - the organisational challenges encountered when converting many services to use this new system design - how well the conversion attempt worked in practice This is based on my experience initiating and running a program to replace rollout automation across Storage SRE in Google.

John Tobin, Google

John Tobin manages Bigtable SRE and Cloud Bigtable SRE at Google Dublin, and has worked on several of Google's storage systems. He is currently involved in efforts to improve collaboration between teams across Storage SRE - standardising tools and processes, reducing duplicated effort, decreasing toil and snowflakes. He holds an MSc from Trinity College Dublin, where he worked before joining Google in 2010.

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