Being an Effective Ally to LGBTQ+, Non-Binary, Women, and Poc in the Tech Industry

Friday, 1 September, 2017 - 13:0014:00

Chris Stankaitis, The Pythian Group


There are a lot of white, male, heterosexuals in the Tech Industry, this demographic makes up the majority by a large margin. This is also the demographic which holds the most privilege.

Homogenization in our industry is bad. We need the creative ideas and mindset that diversity brings to allow us to innovate and build amazing things.

Those with privilege and power need to understand it, and learn how to use it be become an ally to those people who are in marginalized parts of our industry to help create safe space and welcoming spaces where people can feel that they can express themselves and be celebrated for their differences.

This talk will unpack privilege and discuss how you can be an effective ally to those who have no voice.

Chris Stankaitis, The Pythian Group

Chris Stankaitis has worn many hats, a veteran SysAdmin, SRE, Speaker and People Manager. Chris builds, runs, and maintains complex systems at scale using technology and quite a bit of duct tape to keep many of the services you know and love up and running. Chris has been an active member and educator in their local LGBTQ+ community for several years working with both adults and youth to help bring about a better understanding of the challenges facing LGBTQ+ people in today's world and society.

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